NEW - Ricochet Expansion Kit


Use Ricochet Wireless Technology on ANY Alarm Panel

The Ricochet Expansion Kit released by Texecom this month allows installers to use Ricochet enabled sensors and devices on ANY control panel. This means that installers can take advantage of Ricochet next generation of wirele ss technology while still using their preferred control panels.


The Ricochet technology was developed by Texecom and is a new method of wireless security sign alli ng ba s ed on the concept of mesh networking. M esh networking is t he proces s whereby every single wireless device is capable of receiving and re-transmitting any signal from any other device on the network. The size, scalability and range off the entire system are extended as wireless signals are no longer limited by point-to-point communications.

The Ricochet Expansion Kit includes a Premier 8XP-W Receiver and the Premier IXP-W interface which allows up to eight Ricochet detectors to be learned onto the system and then hard wired into the zone terminals of the control panel.

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