IRIS AoIP now received by 250 Monitoring Centres

Chiron, a pioneer in technology for Alarm over IP, signs up Daru-Wache, a prestigious Swiss monitoring centre, for IRIS Secure Apps.This achievement confirms Chiron’s position as Europe’s leading provider of solutions within the Alarm over IP industry.

Chiron now has a track record of 250 monitoring centres in 34 countries using Chiron products and 60,000 dialler devices being sold worldwide.

About Daru-Wache

With security and trust as the objectives, Daru-Wache AG was founded more then 30 years ago. Today, the company presents itself as a modern security service provider and is one of the largest companies in its field in Switzerland. Through clear concepts and investments Daru-Wache profiles itself as a partner for the future. With 6 strategically placed offices, Daru-Wache provides its services in the complete German speaking part of Switzerland. In all the Daru-Wache services people come first, be it in alarm monitoring, transport service, security service or as a hostess at events. Daru-Wache’s specific selection processes associated with dedicated training programs guarantees a high degree of quality work.

Chiron products for Alarm over IP

Chiron provides a range of dialler products for alarm transmission over IP and a clever software application for remote supervision. The IRIS Touch dialler is integrated with an existing alarm system to establish a connection, between the alarm system and the alarm monitoring centre, securely over IP. This concept is commonly referred to as Alarm over IP. For installers and monitoring centres, the dialler comes with a clever software application, called IRIS Secure Apps, that allows monitoring, managing and troubleshooting of alarm systems, which transmit alerts over IP, anytime, anywhere.

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