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Megapixel Over Coax and More!

High Quality Megapixel Digital CCTV over Coax!


High Definition Serial Digital Interface, or HD-SDI, is an interface standard that allows the transmission of high definition video over coaxial cable at speeds of around 1.485 Gbit/s. HD-SDI is a broadcast television technology that has been technically proven through applications around the world in the television industry since the late 90's.In the past, high costs kept this technology out of the mainstream CCTV industry. BUT, today HD-SDI has become a feasible option for everybody.

HD-SDI provides a solution to those who want to upgrade an existing coax system without moving to IP. It allows for megapixel quality images over existing infrastructure, and avoids the pitfalls of IP systems, such as bandwidth considerations, implementation complexity and cost. You will find that HD-SDI sits comfortably between analogue and IP where cost is concerned.

To upgrade to an HD-SDI system you will need an HD-SDI DVR and HD-SDI cameras. Original coaxial infrastructure will support full features of an HD-SDI system. For HD images, however, the maximum cable length is 100m. If you do not require HD, 300m is the proven maximum length.


Benefits of A HD-SDI System

High quality imaging
Works with existing coaxial cabling
Near zero latency - very smooth motion
No IP networking required unless you want to remote view
Less complex than IP systems
Cheaper than IP solutions


Advanced LED Technology Partners With GJD Manufacturing

GJD Manufacturing has concluded a deal to acquire a controlling share of Advanced LED Technology. This new partnership allows the two companies to capitalise on many common synergies in sales and technology bringing both sensor and lighting technologies together.

Advanced LED Technology's range of infrared and white light LED illuminators are predominantly used for the professional CCTV sector. GJD detectors trigger CCTV systems which need good quality infrared or white lighting to 'see'. The gjd_LEDClarius illuminator range of products is the first joint offering with high performance infrared LEDs designed to provide class leading performance, long life and ultra-low maintenance.

GJD has been established for almost 30 years and was bought by its current owners in 2004. Managing Director, Mark Tibbenham has taken the business forward and seen the company grow into a multi-million pound global market leading business. Advanced LED Technology's Managing Director is Keith Fenwick. The company doubled its production facilities in 2011 to meet the growing high demand for its products.

Keith said "Teaming up with GJD provides the opportunity to further enhance our production, R&D, quality, purchasing and sales activities to deliver products and customer support around the world. Both companies share many common goals and by working more closely together we can make a difference to the security industry".

Mark Tibbenham echoed Keith's sentiments and stated "It has taken a long time for GJD to find a partner that shares our vision on quality, innovation and growth. We are absolutely delighted to bring the Clarius range of illuminators into our product portfolio. Already our customers are 'chomping at the bit' to use our illuminators...the future is very bright indeed.

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