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Recycled Batteries for Charity Donation

Thank you for all your batteries!


Every year, Security Distributors collects old and used batteries for recycling. The proceeds from this recycling are donated in full to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in Perth, and the amount raised is matched by Security distributors. A very big thank you to all who have supported this great cause this year, your old alarm batteries have truly made a difference. We have received just less than 3 tons of batteries. For your information, we are told that 98% of the battery gets recycled.

We received $640.00 from our recycling campaign and have donated $1,500.00 to the PMH foundation! We are thankful for all your support, and will continue to collect batteries for next year – so please don’t stop bringing the batteries in!

We have received a Thank You letter from the PMH foundation! Click here to view.




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