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Net2 Software Version 5 Released!

Net2 V5 Features - What Can I Offer My Customers?

Paxton’s market leading access control system Net2, is now even smarter with new Net2 v5 software, designed to make intelligent security and building management simple. 

Offer your customers flexible security with high functionality.

What are the new features?

Landlord Tenant (Net2 Pro only)

What is it?
Enable partitioning of a Net2 system, giving operators access to specific department groups and access levels only.

How can it be used?
A site with multiple Net2 operators can ensure that operators are only able to administer the necessary departments in Net2. For example, department heads can only view their own staff information and access levels in the software.

Custom Days (Net2 Pro only)

What is it?
Create a one-off time period in Net2 for flexibility during special events and occasions. 

How can it be used?
Security at school parents’ evenings can be made stress free, by modifying access permissions in Net2 in advance of the event.

Temporary Access Permissions

What is it?
Allow a user temporary access to a door or area for a specific period of time.

How can it be used?
This is ideal for sites that employ shift workers or contractors and need staff to have temporary access permissions. 

Improved Net2 Entry Integration with Net2 Software

What is it?
Streamlined Net2 Entry and Net2 software integration – specific Net2 Entry events can now trigger actions. 

How can it be used?
Offer customers intuitive features, such as turning on a lobby light or air conditioning when a user or visitor is granted access.

Improved Door Control

What is it?
Customise door opening times so you can hold a door open/closed for a specified period of time.

How can it be used?
A receptionist can hold doors for delivery men for the necessary amount of time. The door will then revert back to previous settings once the time period has expired, saving time manually on changing back. 

Turnstile Mode

What is it?
When used in turnstile mode, a single ACU can now operate a bi-directional turnstile.

How can it be used?
A turnstile can now be used as a controlled entrance and exit, using only one ACU. This saves time on installation and is cost-effective for your customer. 

Other New Features
  • Double tap trigger – present a token twice in quick succession to kick start a rule in Net2
  • Open door for specified amount of time trigger – wheelchair users can get extended access
  • Email a report
  • Automatic fire alarm reset

Net2 Software Features

Paxton offer two versions of Net2 software for use with the Net2 access control system; Net2 Pro and Net2 Lite.

Net2|Pro – Highly intelligent Net2 software, Net2 Pro offers great features that move beyond simple access control.

Net2|Lite - Free, simple and reliable access control software for Net2, ideal for getting your system up and running.
Feature Pro Lite
Multiple clients
Free upgrades
CCTV integration
Site graphics
Triggers and actions
Basic intruder alarm integration*
Net2 Entry integration
Biometric integration
Timesheet & Timeline*
Card designer
Landlord Tenant
Roll call and muster reporting*
Fire alarm integration*
Security lockdown*
Multi-zone intruder alarm integration*
Customisable welcome page
Net2 Anywhere web access
iPhone apps

* Not available with wireless products


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