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Net2 Entry v2.13


Net2 Entry v2.13

Net2 Entry, the Simplest Door Entry System on the Market,
Now Offers an Updated Interface for Improved User-Experience

Improved User-Experience

  • Updated interface layout and design at the monitor provides a more intuitive system for users
  • Adjustable ring volume at the panel – avoid disruption to your neighbours

Structured Video Voicemail for Simple Management

  • Timestamp – clearly see when a voicemail was received
  • Inbox indicator shows how many messages are in the folder
  • LED on the monitor flashes when a new message is left

New and Enhanced Features for Greater Flexibility

  • New demo mode – explore the system prior to hardware installation
  • Call Not Answered’ event in Net2, enables you to receive an update when you miss a call
  • Privileges screen – clear icons illustrate the system’s current setup, for simple to manage permissions
  • SIP backup – panel supports additional server if primary server fails, providing customers with peace of mind


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